Sunday, November 16, 2008

Enlightenment for Quake4


Level name:Enlightenment

Author: Jane Chung

Release date: 1 may 2008

Size: 4 326 ko

Number of maps: 1

website: here

download: Author's page

Kane must find and rescue Lieutenant Reynolds of the Raven Squad, who has been captured by the Strogg. Reynolds is being held in the research wing of the Strogg Medical Facilities. This is a side mission, taking place when Kane enters the USS Hannibal (before the briefing to “Operation: Advantage”). Kane has not (yet) experienced Stroggification for himself and this mission will be the player’s first impressions of the Strogg’s treatment of P.O.W.’s.

Review :

Another Short but interesting release from a Student at the SMU Guildhall (people are dedicated to a year cursus classified on SMU as Cohord, the author is part of the last one).

Design is atmospheric and well put together for what is intended as kane to be you first mission. You will get down with an elevator activate switdches to progress and after get out by another elevator...the author use ambiance sound and ligthning perfectly in the middle of this short release to get you 'trapped' into this release. Original voice acting is also something that add the necessary filling to add to your ego by some encouragement when you succeed objectives.

Gameplay is well balance between puzzles and battles even if those seems a bit weak in challenge it offer some surprise...

In conclusion: this was a midd term work done in a small period but even if it's short it contains everything to make it really enjoyable its neat in scritping and design and well worth the download

Playtime: 15 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (77%)

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