Sunday, November 23, 2008

Separation Anxiety for Doom3


Level name: Separation Anxiety

Author: Thomas Hoeg

Date of release:
01 May 2008

Size: 5 137 ko

Number of maps: 1

website: here



While Bravo Team was moving through sector 3 of the Alpha Labs, an explosion rocked the facility sending debris and assorted pieces of machinery crashing to the ground. The chaos of the explosion and the subsequent wreckage left one of the Bravo Team marines (the player) separated fro the team and unable to rejoin them. In addition, the explosion damaged the marine’s equipment leaving him with only his sidearm and flashlight to fight off any potential threats. That marine must now traverse the dangerous maintenance passages under sector 3 in order to reach a maintenance lift that will allow him to rendezvous with the team in sector 4.

Review :
Another short but enjoyable release from a student at the Guidhall .
This map contains all what is needed to create 'atmosfear' you qwest will directly go wrong but on text message will help you out to progress and find more and more pda's and challenge

Design is perfectly fitting the theme ambiance, sounds traps are present in a well related environment in a linear but not repetitive progression from out to down to shaft and even more there are not a lot of area to visit but some small lateral path may add a value to it so don't esitte to visit every corner. don't forget to read email from pda no important data's have to been read but i think it's really an enjoyable part of Doom3 features.

Gameplay is progressive, it's a push and fight progression with surprise but no real puzzles the challenge increase with progression and i quite bad suprise awaits you there isn't a lot of things to discribe just download it and appreciate what has been done
In conclusion: I really thought that the best for Doom 3 was behind us this new fresh breath I a good reason to justify a Doom3 folder to sleep on you Hard Drive, if it’s not the case you should directly reinstall it…

In conclusion: like most of the production of guildhall students it's defenetly too short but perfectly makes the circle arround the a reply to (or shoud i say a use) from most of the features coming with Doom3 and this with get it even if it's too short.

Playtime: 10 min

Rating: A B C D E (76%)

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