Sunday, November 30, 2008

use destruction for Quake4


Level name:Use destruction

Author: Sebastian 'Tombery' Peters

Release date: 6 October 2008

Size: 79 966 ko

Number of maps: 6

website: here

download: At MODDB


A short one in german traduce with babelfhish...

An attack on the outguard Nexus is approaching. We may not leave the Stroggs too close at us ran and one may not give you the possibility to a counterstroke draw back, navy said the core. After to long negotiations the resolution was set to the attack into force and the employment is approaching. To survive the will and hope on a victory must be steadfast. Much luck.

Review :

The author is not on it's first attempt and release 2 good mods for Doom3 before, this time he create an entire experience with cutsenes challenge, impressive design so be prepared for a great experience...

Design starts directly with a marvellous intro scene, i like those small think witch ask for a lot of work but direct put the player into the experience. So you crashed onthe nexus base and will meet with some squad to progress and find out what's next. Everything is well handle according architecture it's a classic combats/activate button/ progress experience but well handle through the choice of textures and the general layout not only straight forward but also with alternatives routes. The author didn' negligate the use of vehicules, some small cutscenes and the travelling through the complex with a mix between outdoor and indoor. for me it's huge well crafted and not at any moment boring.
The gameplay flows with the rest and is a good mix between single and teamplay experience, the experience will increase in difficulty with progression and will also provide some side experience like jumping plateform, crushing doors and robot vehicle combat. The atmosphere is always holding you into the gameplay and will surprise you when you don't think of it, combats are taught but just what is needed not to be frustrated (note that the end combat experience may look unbeatable and frustrating if you don't now what to do...) weapons and health are perhaps sometime put without any logic but provide when it's needed.

In conclusion: Sebastian did some good work for Doom 3 and now even beter for Quake 4, his skill did increase and provide so a chalenging experience but for me just missed a strong storyline that could be a wire to this mission with voice acting and a real aim like saving somebody... But i won't be to exigeant regarding the work that was made cause the experience was impressive and provides finally something strong for this great game. Highly recommanded

Playtime: 2 hours 30

Rating: A B C D E (93%)

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