Sunday, November 02, 2008

preMistake for Half-Life


Level name: preMistake

Author: Ashkandi

Date of release: 12 October 2008

Size: 93 292 ko

Number of maps: 11

website: none

download: At

Note : there was a prebeta available from this one arround one year ago even if the content can be related with this release the senario and mapping expeirence is totally different, so feel free to check it here

Author's Note :This mod will let us into a horroristic world in the Andrew Parker asylum and we will live through (or not) in the view of a mental patient. The mod’s primal object is not the insane bloodbath. The real object is to escape from the huge building which holds a lot of secrets.

Review :

In this release like in the preview one, you will try to travel to the exit of a kind of psychiatric hospital. The ambiance take some inspiration from classic movie but also from recent game like F.E.A.R. it's really what we can call a Total Conversion with new hud, weapon enemies and texture

After a small brief intro that seems to explain who you are, you wake up in a room and start you qwest to the outdoor. It' s dark and gloomy and the music like the atmosphere is perfectly fitting the theme.

Progression is mostly streight forward but correctly agremented by puzzle simple jumping ones or more difficult like the first one that make you search for a key under a plate. Flashing picture featuring blood and dead bodes will certainly surprise you at some will so enter places that can only be exit by solving the puzzle (whish somehow is interesting in limitating the qwest or puzzle in a not too huge place), on text message build the story with your progression and the enemies you will face will also be put in ballance with the increase of power you got to distroy them (from a mess to a shotgun).

To be honest the design is quite limited in originality but limited to a psychiatric hospital seems perfectly fitting. the custom counted from alcohol bottle to enemies passing by the genral texturing is for me above average.

The gameplay is pleasant and not too difficult including the increase in challenge from start to the end scene is well balanced puzzle add what's needed to increase the palytime but without any frsutration of not solving them

In conlcusion: regarding the first opus (beta) i was hopping for the same sort of gameplay that i enjoyed and was quite surprise to find it even more enjoyable...with a good atmosphere mistake add something new to what we are familiar to play for Half-Life it's enjoyable fun and not too long...let's hope there will be a sequel.

1 hour 30 min

Rating: A B C D E (84%)

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