Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Calamity for Half-Life 2


Title: Calamity

Bobby 'Spas12' Cardona

Release date:
28 may 2009

Size: 94 047 ko

Number of maps: 5

website: author's portfolio

download: palnetphillip's page

Author's Note:

Half-Life 2 calamity is an exciting new addon to the Half Life universe. Battle the violent combine regime, obliterate zombies and Xen creatures, and learn even more knowledge surrounding the rise of Earth's benefactors. Calamity is around 1-2 hours of solid gameplay filled with tense combat scenes and puzzling conundrums mixed within the deteriorating setting of one of Earths last thriving cities - City 17.

Review :

This time there is a consequent pack to be added to this Blog. The story behind seems to be from the classic half-life bottle, during the accident in black mesa you where teleported to city 17 you mains objective is to progress through the city and access the hiddenbase...for the rest I won't spoil the ending...Even if I didn't really understand what really happening at the end.

Design is really above average (not constently) but still for me average, the attention to detail the way different enviroment where mix, the general ambiance through custom music everything is here present to make this mod shine through your eyes, the only mixed feeling is that you always feel to be oriented in you progression there was never an alternative route it's straight forward (especially regarding the outdoor part) but it's not monotonous and you never want to stop until the end which is a gage of quality. The author gives you also some break through radiotransmission listening with custom voice, which even if not from perfect quality and perfectly fitable through it's content was well used to give the player a break.

Gameplay gave me more a mixed feeling even if it was well set together, some places of battle where quite challenging to be close to provide some frustration (especially the loading screen part,the sniper area and the descending jump part of the fortress) puzzle where negligable even if the hall with those red containers didn't directly shine to what was the task to do and certainly make me waste 15 minutes to figure it out, for the rest everything flow together to really keep the player perfectly busy, not always in the best way through those bad surpise like for example the exploding barrel in your face when you open the access corridor or those sily respawing fight that keeps you busy without any other choice than to survive...

In conclusion: In general, it was an enjoyable release that has certain repetitive flaws that could provide more frustration than enjoyment if you prefer to solve puzzle instead of shooting combines but thought it's light custom content, above average design and quite efficient playtime it's certainly a recommanded one... not highly but still recommanded one.

Playtime: 2 hours 30 min

Rating: A B C D E (89%)

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