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Help Wanted for Half-Life

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Level name: Half-Life : Help Wanted

Author: Bryan 'Zouave' Dillow

Release date: 31 October 2000

Size: 9 768 ko

Number of maps: 10

website: author's page not updated since 2001

download: At author's page


according the author's page the mission just started as you apply for a job just after you recieve you degree. The offer follows:

Sanitation Engineer
Immediate Openings for full time position in laboratory setting. Ideal candidate must be able to handle vigorous w
ork schedule, possible overtime, and pass drug screening and background check. Hazardous Environment Suit to be provided to you on site. Please apply to the Human Resources Department, Black Mesa Research Facility.

and so, It's your first day at work. The job is simple enough, put on your HEV suit and head over to Sector C. If somebody spills something, clean it up. What could be easier?

Review :

Black mesa... never heard about? this mission is then what you are looking for to travel to complex that become similar through one of the most popular game from the last decade...Your new position is a sanitation engineer, so put on your suit and jump into your first day a labor everything is running well for you first day sadly for you just on the moment you are close to the experience zone something went wrong and so the accident happens.

Design is a lot inspired by black mesa, perhaps a little to much and lovers of this theme will cetainly appreciate it while other will just complain about 'another black mesa' experience... The design is well manage there are a a lot of detail really enjoyable (but you could easily be lost through the extension of detail that makes you take the wrong way) and will really catch you attention through your progression, this really give some good remembering the author also add some custom content through texture and skybox ( a bunch of them are available on his website).

Gameplay will directly immerse you with the original intro scene, after a good mix between search and puzzle, that can easily orient you gameplay if you didn't find the pied de biche (perhaps it is no available), if this is the case you only way to survive the first part is to run... after the challenge will increase with you progression but never with frustration, everything is well balance and will make you progress to the outdoor area that just stop your progression with future possibility since the project was abandonned

In conclusion: Even if it's not completed it's cerainly an enjoyable experience to play through and a recommanded experience for all half-Life fans.

Playtime: 50 minutes

Rating: A B C D E (82%)

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