Thursday, June 04, 2009

First Poll : What's your favorite Science-Fi FPS Serie

the title was:

What's you favorite Science-Fi FPS serie from all time

here are the result :

I would really like to thanks all the people (20) who participate to this first one and hope they enjoy sharing their opinion with me.

there was no real suprise for me and just put in evidence that through the viewer of this blog, Half-Life serie is the most liked...I wouldn't really expect it to be so dominant...

for the second poll I will take this first one to orient the coverage of this blog that is not only dedicated to Half-Life serie (even if both make the most covered maps & mods) but also to other FPS game.

For the second Poll I will Just ask you to make a (multiple choice) on other game you would like to see reviewed more often (duration of this poll will be two months

Sadly I'm limited in choice sothat I could add Build game that I may cover in the future if people ask for so the third Poll will be dedicated the the Build Engine games ;)

Please if you choose other just post a comment to tell me which one(s)

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