Thursday, December 07, 2006

Affliction for Half-Life

***this review was previously available at Alejandro Mapping Center***

Level name: Affliction

Author: Tony Hiltunen

Date of release: 10 January 2002

Size: 6 120 ko

Number of maps: 10

website: here seems to be down

download: at planetphillip


Affliction is certainly one of the best example of designed perfection. The storyline is quite simple (perhaps too simple): you are sent to a research base where you encounter some aliens and grunts combat, your only aim is to solve some easy puzzles in order to escape from the plant.
This piece of work is somehow upgraded by 3 new weapons (well designed!), this is normally seen only in huge realisation, and it gives a special touch to this small map pack (only 7Mb download).
Is there any thing wrong to tell? Perhaps, if you’re looking for very challenging combats, lots of cut scenes, special ambience,… then you’re gonna be disappointed. This is only depending on what you like… for me, personally, I rather prefer a well designed set pieces that lacks on challenges and durability in time (only 2 hours to complete) than a stand alone map where there is some kind of killing feast without designed area.

In conclusion : This is a mini mod you shouldn't miss, absolutly worth the download

Playtime: 2 hours

Rating: A B C D E (86 %)

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