Thursday, December 14, 2006

The City for Chaser


Level name: The City

Author: Kastun (

Date of release: 01 janvier 2006
Size: 2 873 ko

Number of maps: 1

website: here seems to be dead

download: here


For this mission you are send to a city where you will need to find a contact to end this mission.

Start of the map look promising a small intro cutscene make you enter into the city where you will be direct under fire, progression is not directly obvious but you don't have a lot of choice (intersting feature being that when you knock on a door a enemie point at the opposite upper window). you will progress to building by some tricky jump (I personnaly find it not easy to jump and crouch in this game) and then will progress by a sewer to the second and last part of the city where after some good fight you will met your contact by another short outro cutscene.

Design is correct but doesn't create the perfect city ambience: building look the same, you have directly the filling to be put in a squared place and detail thorugh the place you visit isn't really present. I take also in account that this map isn't huge two streets linked by a sewer and some small places to visit and that's all.

Gameplay is pretty basic too. Linear progression without any puzzles (except conisdering the way you need to progress), challenge is present by fight and small amount of medkits but hopefully doesn' t make it unbeatable to finish.

In conclusion: I don't have any idea if this was the first release from the author. the way he wanted to create a city map was already a big challenge (choice of texture,difficukty to create something realist) and in some way he succeed in some point at creating something different. But look to the overal realisation i still consider there should be a lot of work added to really create a good city map.

Playtime: 25 min

Rating: A B C D E (59%)

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