Monday, December 04, 2006

Operation Stutze for RTCW

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Level name: Operation Stutze

Author: Nicklas 'SWEfighter' Ornros

Date of release: 16 january 2003

Size: 1 264 ko

Number of maps: 1

website: NO

download: here


Operation Stutze is the first release from the author and came out nearlly 4 years ago. It is a single ‘small’ map release, which is relatively short but interesting.
This time Sergeant Blazkowicz has to enter into a German military base in order to find some important documents for this he will need to eliminate an entire Panzer division but shuuut…it’s a top secret mission.
The action takes place in a huge storage hall containing a garage, quarters, storage room. Design is well done and provides some interesting details but perhaps in a too dark ambience. The way of progressing is quite obvious except perhaps for finding the exit.

In conclusion: this map is a good attempt from the author at entering the really restricted community of RTCW mappers, with some additional outdoor areas allowing combat. This map could have been really great… hope there is more to come from the author.

Tips: to find the exit, just look for a vent…

Playtime: 45 min
Rating: A B C D E (76%)

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